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Welcome to Rensch Chevrolet Buick
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When brothers Joe and Tony Rensch purchased an automotive dealership in the community of Makoti back in 1917, they did so believing that small towns can, with vision and determination, establish their own opportunities.  Banking on that belief, and counting on their own courage and faith, the pair  slowly began expanding the operation.  They were hungry for success, but also wanted to build something that could handed down to future generations of their family.


Today, the Rensch family is involved in automobile and implement businesses in three different communities and continues to reach new milestones. The Chevrolet Dealership expanded to New Town when Chevrolet motor division did not want to renew Rensch's contract in Makoti because it said the community was to small.  When Rensch's learned a New Town car dealer was looking at retirement, they moved quickly and bought the dealer out in June 1968.   In June , the Rensch Chevrolet Buick Inc dealership in New Town will mark its 45th year of service to the community and surrounding area. Owners Doug and Mike Rensch, cousins who purchased the dealership in the mid-1990 are carrying on the family tradition that began so long ago.


Customer loyalty is what kept the family in business back then and it's the same way today. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our customers and their faith in us.   In 1985, the year Joe Rensch passed away, his original dealership in Makoti was the oldest to bear the Chevrolet insignia in the United States. One needs a calculator to total the combined years the 3 stores have been in business nearly 200 years.